The Future is Straight

A Nordic larp about gay conversion therapy set in a retro sci-fi setting

Pictures by photographer Emma Greve

The Future is Straight is a Nordic larp, where we are exploring two days in a gay conversion camp for youth and young adults. We will follow the “rehabbers” as they go through therapy, educational lessons, and maybe tiptoe into a queer community for the first time – struggling to navigate between fully realising themselves, and being accepted as individuals in an oppressive society. The larp is set in a dystopian retro setting in a extreme heteronormative society where queerness is oppressed based on a worldview based in perceptions of science and “nature itself”.


All the player characters at The Future is Straight is young queer people in treatment at a gay conversion therapy facility.
Read more about the characters here.


At The Future is Straight you will play a rehabber at a conversion camp in dystopian retro Sci-Fi setting. Read more about the setting here.


Read about the experience you can get by participating in this larp here.

In doubt about whether this is a larp for you? We have made an overview of what the experience will and will not give, look here.

About Us

The Future is Straight is a larp project created by Karete Jacobsen Meland, Tor Kjetil Edland and Anna Emilie Groth to explore gay conversion therapy through participation and storytelling.

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You are welcome to contact us at: larporganizers@gmail.com

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When and where

Next run are planned for late summer of 2024 in Norway.

More information will come later.

More practical information

This project is proud to be supported by Nordic Culture Fond, that helps fond workshop and project development.