Workshop and Relations Preparation

The process designed around preparing to play the larp

To give all players a common ground for the larp, we have set some minimum requests for our players’ preparations. In that way calibrating between players at the pre-larp workshop and actually playing the larp will be more efficient and in our mind create a better experience.

Approving the character

After the lottery, if you get confirmation about a spot in the larp, you will receive more information about the casting. Once you have gotten your character, we would like you to read through it and give us feedback in case it doesn’t engage you or you feel uncertain if we have understood what you wrote in the lottery sign-up form. 

Digital meetings

We will organise digital player meet-ups in the time period from the casting to the larp about once a month, and we hope/expect that you will be able to partake in these. 

The plan is to have different themes, and talk though some of the topics of the larp, and of course also for the social aspect of it.

Contact co-players

We want each player to prepare their character by reading it and think about what the character’s motivation is and what to focus on in their play. We would like players to reach out to their co-players beforehand, but there will also be a half-day on-site workshop before the larp starts, to calibrate, practice the “skills” needed to play the larp, and get to know your co-players.  

Pre-larp workshop

The workshop will build on the already established relations in the characters, and focus on group dynamics, meta-techniques, getting into the larp’s fiction and more relations work.

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