Costumes and Props

Everything you need to embody your character

The costumes in The Future is Straight have both the function of creating the feeling of the characters being part of a group and unified, but are also a way to express your character’s personality.

The costumes for rehabbers (player characters) will be in monochrome colors  – blue for characters viewed as male and red for characters viewed as female. The society in The Future is Straight builds on a strong heteronormative ideology with only two acknowledge genders – male or female. The rest of society wears brown nuanced clothes, but part of the treatment is wearing strong gendered colors.

You can mix lighter and darker nuances, and different materials. There is no specific era attached to the costumes, but go for a somewhat modern but conservative look. That means no short shirts or too much of a cleavage. Remember that we will be in Denmark during autumn, so pack woolen clothing, make sure you can dress in layers, and bring both shoes for inside and shoes that can deal with moving around in wet grass/mud outside. The shoes should be black or drak brown.

We have created a pinterest for rehabbers here, that can give some inspiration. The pictures on the website is also a great way to get inspired.

Characters viewed as male

If you are playing a character that is viewed as male, you will need to prepare costumes in different shades of blue. Try to only use a few pieces with patterns.

The costumes should fit into a conservative look on men’s wear, and therefore will consist of trousers or pants and tops and sweaters. Wearing shirts underneath a woolen sweeter or cardigan is a way to get a uniform feel to the costume.

As previous mentioned, try to incorporate some level of personal style into the garment, that corresponds with your character – but still in a conservative style.

Characters viewed as female

If you are playing a character that is viewed as female by society, we want you to prepare costumes that are in different shades of red – from light rosa to dark bordeaux. Try to only use a few pieces with patterns.

The costume should fit into a conservative look on women’s wear, and therefore skirts and dresses are preferred. You are welcome to wear black tights or leggings underneath with black shoes, but can also choose to wear them in red nuances. Layering with different types of blouses, skirts and woolen sweaters creates an uniform look.

In incorporating your character’s personal style remember to still keep the outfits in a conservative style, and therefore short skirts or low cut blouses should be avoided.

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