Practical Information

Time, place, price and packing list

Here you will find all the practical information about the larp The Future is Straight. If there is any information you are missing feel free to contact us.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to write to us at, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

You can also ask questions on our FB group: The Future is Straight larp


There are two runs of The Future is Straight in the fall of 2021. 

Sign up is open now! Sign up here.
Sign up for lottery regarding both runs: 15th of March – 15th of April 2021 

1st run: evening of Saturday 23rd of October 2021 – morning of Wednesday 27th of October 2021

2nd run: evening of Wednesday 27th of October 2021 – morning of Sunday 31st of October 2021


Sponsor ticket: 2500 DKK (330 Euro)
Regular ticket: 2200 DKK (295 Euro)
Subsidized ticket: 1900 DKK (250 Euro)

Deadline for payment is 1st of June, but there is of course an option to pay in installments. Because of uncertainties regarding Covid-19 restrictions you can get a full refund, if you cancel before the 1st of August.

The age limit is 18 years old with possibility for dispensation.

The number of subsidized tickets will depend on how many buy sponsor tickets. We are also applying for different funds and hoping to be able to offer more subsidized tickets.

There will also be an option to pay in installments.

Covid-19 precautions

Based on current projections the entire general population of the Nordic countries should have received offers of vaccines well in time for the larp. This is also likely to be the case in the rest of Europe and many other parts of the world. We are planning now that we will be able to run the larp with the type of levels of physical contact between players that we were used to before the epidemic hit. General hygiene and sanitizer reminders will probably be more prominent than it was in “the time before” in what we hope will be the new normal with hightened awareness of preventing the transmitting of colds, flus and other resporatory deceases during events. 

The larp takes place in Denmark and we will follow all regulations and recommendations regarding the epidemic from the Danish authorities. We can’t offer any guarantees now what these will be or what travel regulations to Denmark will look like at that time, but with the current projections Denmark should be open for visitors and cultural events with groups gathered inside for cultural events allowed. If unforeseen circumstances regarding the progression of the epidemic happens that will prolong lockdowns into the autumn of this year, we will of course have to change these plans and possibly postpone. We will not run the event if it any way is likely to be a hub of infection for COVID and we will not do anything but fully follow the recommendations of the Danish authorities in effect in October.


The Future is Straight is happening in Denmark near Aarhus.
Adress: Alhage koloni, Egernstien 2A, 8400 Ebeltoft, Denmark


All players will sleep in four person bedrooms.
Every bedroom has its own bathroom with shower.

All food will be vegetarian and we will provide both main meals and snacks.
The food will be part of the player experience, but it will be delicious and nutritious. 

Packing list

Players need to bring:

  • Their own duvet and pillow and covers and sheet.
  • Costume for two days
  • Notebook and something to write in
  • Personal hygiene items
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