Is this a larp for me?

A helping guide for you to decide whether or not to participate

At the Future is Straight we want to create a specific experience for our players, and it is important for us to have an expectations alignment before you sign up. Here are two overviews of both what would make this a larp for you – and what would not.

You are of course always welcome to contact us at if you have other concerns, that are not listed here.

This is a larp for you if..
  • You want to explore an oppressive system from within
  • You are okay to play a young character no matter your actual age
  • You believe in equality for all – no matter sexuality, gender or ethnicity 
  • You enjoy a playing style that is realistic and with emphasis on personal relations and understated play
  • You want to play a queer character no matter your own gender identity or sexuality

This is NOT a larp for you if..
  • You want to play a feel good larp with a happy ending
  • You don’t want to play on same-sex love and relations
  • All you want is to start an in-character revolution or rebel against the system
  • You want big dramatic scenes and “solve the plot” driven play
  • You want competitive play

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