Character sheets, how to use them and the different types of characters

Here you will find information about the different characters that will be present at the larp. As a player you can only sign up as a rehabber – one of the young people at treatment at the conversion therapy camp – but there are other characters at the larp as well.

The characters is not finished yet, but when they are, a link to a database with all the characters will be available on this site.

The different kind of characters

At The Future is Straight, besides the rehabbers, there are also guides and the rehabbers’ parents at the center, which are instructed players, that will structure the larp’s dramaturgy for the players.

The rehabbers

All regular characters at the Future is Straight are young queer people who are now “rehabbers” at the gay conversion camp. We are looking for a realistic playing style, and the focus is not to overturn the system or escape from the camp, but rather on understated play and the individual characters’ stories at the camp, as well as their personal relations.

The characters’ surroundings will feel absurd and restrictive, forcing them into acting in ways which restrict them and goes against their feelings about their true self and nature.

The guides

Some characters will be “guides”. They will act as teachers and mentors at the conversion camp and will be played by instructed players. These characters will be played in a different style than the rehabbers, and be part of the absurd and restrictive force affecting them.

In this fiction the people working at the conversion therapy camps are scientist, therapist, doctors or have a lot of experience with working with rehabbers. The are hired by the government and the camps are seen as therapeutic treatment centers.

The parents

At The Future is Straight the parents of the different rehabbers will also be present. These characters are played by the same two people, and are meant as a type meta-characters, that only are present in specific scenes.

The larp takes place around a midway evaluation, where all the rehabbers are getting reviewed after staying at the camp for a while. The parents are invited for a conversation about the process of the rehabbers.

The process with the characters

We are working with character sheets, that leaves some room for you as a player to adjust it to your liking. All characters are open, and to get the best larp, you should read your relations’ characters.

The character sheets

The characters will be prewritten, and will have focus on relations with both other rehabbers, parents and guides. All characters will have several significant relationships, that will play a central part in their story.

They are meant as a starting point for the players to finish the full character in a way they want to play it. The core of the character can not be changed, but aspects of the character can be tweaked and modified according to the player’s wishes.

Open characters

The characters will be open and available to read for all players, and the larp’s design is based on players knowing each other’s characters. As a player you don’t need to read all characters (but you can if you want to), but you will be encouraged to read through the characters your character have relationships too.

We have chosen to work with open characters to be able to push each others game forward, and focus on the different themes you as players find interesting. It is a way to intensify the play in the relations in the larp.

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