The Team

Everyone who is part of creating The Future is Straight

The main organizing team is Karete Jacobsen Meland, Tor Kjetil Edland and Anna Emilie Groth. 
We want to organize this larp to explore and experience the oppression and harm done by gay conversion therapy. The larp is fiction inspired by the team’s research of real events and people and fictional work on the subjects.
We also wanted to create a larp with only queer player characters, that tells many different stories about the life experience of LGBTQIA+ people.

Karete Jacobsen Meland

Main organizer

Karete is a clinical psychologist, working at an outpatient clinic for adults with obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, in Oslo. She has been part of organising larp-related events and conferences in Norway, such as several Knutepunkts, Grenselandet and Larp Cafés, in addition to giving talks and lectures about larp design at the Larpwriter Summer School. As a larp designer, she has designed several blackbox scenarios (To the Wonder, the Ark, Liminal, Habitat).

Tor Kjetil Edland

Main organizer

Tor Kjetil works as an international advisor for the Norwegian organisation for gender and sexual diversity. He has organised larps since 1998, among them Just a Little Lovin’, 1942, House of Craving and Mad about the Boy. He has also been part of the main organising team of several Knutepunkt conferences.

Anna Emilie Groth

Main Organizer

Anna is a dramaturg that works as a volunteer coordinator and project leader at a humanistic organisation. She has been part of organising larps and larp-related events, such as Blacbox Cph, Knutpunkt, Just a Little Lovin’ and Sigridsdotter. She has written her master thesis on gender norms and larp, and has designed several blackbox larps on the subject.

People behind the scenes

Here are all the people who have helped with creating different parts of the larp, and we are eternal grateful for their time and talent, that they have put into this project.

Cleo Kai Hatting

Idea and Startup

Cleo Kai Hatting was a big part in coming up with the initial idea and forming the first drafts of the larp. They had seen “But I’m a cheerleader” and wanted to take inspiration from that and make it into a larp. Cleo has been an essential part of the startup and initial brainstorming process, wherefrom many of the ideas and concepts that has later developed into the finished larp comes from. We are grateful to have been able to work with an as creative and innovative person as Cleo.

Emma Greve


Emma Greve is the photographer behind all the pictures here at the website and on social media. As a photographer she often works with moods and portraits, and she always try to capture the story behind the eyes.
Besides taking pictures for The Future is Straight, Emma has previously work a lot with pictures regarding gender, body and sexuality, and has worked with different people within the LGBTQ+ community.
We hope you like the pictures, and if you need a photographer in the future, we can highly recommend Emma Greve, and you are welcome to contact her via Instagram: @emmagreve_photography.

Models for photo shoot

The models for our photo shoot are Klara Rotvig, Dajo Vande Putte, Agata Świstak and Christopher Mitchell.

We are so grateful for your time and effort in contributing to the photos for The Future is Straight.

Jeppe Kjøller

Website and graphic designer

Jeppe Kjøller has helped create the website you are on right now, and designed the graphical material used in The Future is Straight. Jeppe works as a user experience designer and has a background in graphic design.

As TFIS is focused on a specific visual feel, we are so excited to have a competent and creative person as Jeppe on the team.

Klara Rotvig

Safety and debrief

Klara Rotvig is responsible for the safety at the larp, and is going to use her impressive skills and knowledge about larp safety to design safety techniques, safety room and debrief for the larp.

As TFIS focus on some serious themes, we are happy to have Klara on board to make it as safe a space for exploring this as possible.

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